Rising Stars Team

We created the Rising Stars Team program around year 2008 in order to fill a gap between the once-per-week recreational program and our rigorous Junior Olympic Program.  Since then, this program has grown and diversified its offerings to include all ages and skill levels, providing everyone an opportunity to learn individual routines choreographed to music and compete in local, fun events.  Those girls in higher levels also have an opportunity to compete in regional or even travel to national or international events!

The Rising Stars team gymnasts train twice per week, regardless of age and level.  So, what's beautiful about this program is that once you have created a schedule and a rhythm for your training, you can keep with it to the end of your high school years and even beyond!  There is no pressure to add more days or time. The non-competitive nature of the events we host and the fun, encouraging coaching approach, helps the girls build confidence and have lots of fun while learning more and more challenging skills year after year.

Our Rising Stars Team gymnasts have an opportunity to compete 2-3 times per year in local non-ranking events, where they receive feedback from judges so they know what to focus on next.  They also participate in our mid-year and end-of-year shows, along with the rest of the school.  This program has become the backbone of our school structure, with more than half of our student population currently enrolled in it!